tested 6 years ago

Certificate Overview

Valid Host NamesNot
Expiresin 6 monthsValid after Aug 12, 2013
TrustTrustedThe certificate was issued by VeriSign Class 3 International Server CA - G3



Encryption CiphersOK
Public Key Size2048 bitsKey sizes 1024 bits or larger are considered secure. Be aware that unnecessarily large key sizes will slow down the connection establishment.
Secure RenegotiationYes
ProtocolsOKSSLv3, TLSv1



HTTP KeepaliveYes
SSL Session CacheNoSSL Session caching allows faster re-establishment of a cached SSL session, improving user experience
TLS Stateless ResumeNoTLS stateless resume allows for faster re-connections to TLS enabled servers, without needing session state to be stored on the server.
SSL Handshake Size4834 bytesThe amount of data exchanged to establish a session with this server is large. This will result in a slower initial connection.

Using a certificate with fewer intermediate chains and / or a smaller public key size can reduce the amount of data.


Encryption Ciphers (TLS/SSLv3)

RC4-MD5MediumRC4128-bitRSA402ms4674 bytes
RC4-SHAMediumRC4128-bitRSA408ms4682 bytes
AES128-SHAHighAES128-bitRSA404ms4706 bytes
DES-CBC3-SHAHigh3DES168-bitRSA413ms4690 bytes
AES256-SHAHighAES256-bitRSA392ms4706 bytes