Metrics Overview

Monitor Anything. Wormly Metrics makes it super easy for you to push metrics from anywhere. You supply the data, and we generate beautiful interactive graphs and sophisticated alerting.

Just install collectd like this:

curl | bash

Or using a pre-existing HostID:

curl | bash

And get this:

We use collectd to gather system information on UNIX-like systems; which yields many metrics such as those above.

Zero Configuration

We also offer a very simple and powerful HTTP endpoint so you can submit metrics from any internet-connected system. It's this easy:

curl -d active-users=279 \

You don't need to do anything else; data accumulates, graphs appear, and you can use our class leading alerting & escalation right away:

To get started with Metrics, simply click on the Metrics tab on the Host Overview page - and you'll find detailed instructions for collectd installation, HTTP Metrics submission and BBWin Installation for Windows.

Downtime Hurts. Start monitoring and stop worrying.

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