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You guys gave us a 9 out of 10 based on 33 reviews. Thanks!

Pingdom did not give a reliable feeling to me.

So I chose to come back to Wormly, and pay a few dollars more, because when it comes to uptime monitoring the most important thing is that it gives me the feeling that I can completely trust the monitoring.

Wormly has never let me down the last 2 years.

Great service. The initial uptime monitoring experience with Wormly far exceeded that of AlertSite. AlertSite's user interface was confusing and sterile. Wormly's UI was very easy to understand and had a 'fun' element to it. I was greatly impressed by the level of functionality and options available from Wormly versus Visistat. Visistat wanted to charge nearly 50% of Wormly's price but would deliver only 5% of the same monitoring functionality.

Kudos to you guys.

We love the new phone notifications! Just last weekend, I was complaining that I slept through numerous SMS notifications about a server outage. By the time I woke up, the server had been down for hours. The new uptime monitoring phone notifications are impossible to sleep through - exactly what we needed!

Edgewood Hosting said about Wormly on Dec 7

I'm delighted that somebody sane and competent is finally getting into this business in a way that focuses on solving actual user problems.

Something like Wormly has been on my to-do list for a couple years, and I'm delighted that I can cross it off!

William Pietri from NeedFeed said about Wormly on Jul 24

It was indeed the server's time and it's now working beautifully. It's the best monitoring tool I've seen so far. It's so much easier and quicker then the Rackspace or AWS tools.

You are doing a great job.

I think this is the first time I've ever suggested a change to a product, got told it was going to be added to the backlog, and actually had it implemented. In a day no less.

Thank you Wormly Dev Staff!!!

Mathew Strommen said about Wormly on Oct 11

I've tried several different uptime monitoring services in recent years and yours is by far the best.

Using Wormly actually resulted in us getting a new dedicated server, because we weren't aware of the memory swapping that was going on. To be precise we started looking at adding more RAM to our existing server but found for the same cost we could just get a new higher spec server :-)

Kevin Howard from Job Media said about Wormly on May 14

We have been using wormly now for two years, and it is amazing. Not only do we get alerted to downtime of our sites and the sites of our clients in one minute, but what sets Wormly apart is that it is the
only service that I know of that will actually breakdown page load response times. This has allowed us to fine tune client's pages in a way that we where not able to do before and to predict server caused slow page downloads.

Just a quick note to say that Wormly is great. The secure ordering page on our website went down, some problem with the SSL certificate. I knew about the problem immediately, 5 minutes after I submitted the support ticket to our web host the problem was fixed.

Wormly has paid for itself many times over, just from this one incident alone.

Shane Tolmie from DesignREM Ltd. said about Wormly on Jan 5

I've been extremely impressed with the simplicity and reliability of Wormly's infrastructure and web site.

After many years of using our own dedicated uptime monitoring systems (primarily OpManager.com), we've made the switch to Wormly and have never looked back.

There's not much more to this email but to say that your monitoring system is helping me troubleshoot regularly. If you check my logs you will see consistent downtime which has played some assistance in finding a major Centos 5 raid bug. Other problems as well have been detected such as a 200 mysql inserts/second contant that was fixed about a week or so back. So thanks!

The server health monitoring is great, I’ve been wanting this exact thing for ages! I had some grand idea of building something like it myself but never had the time :) Usual story...

You have a great system, it is good to see someone has done a proper remote monitoring system which makes it easy for a user to simply click and setup what is now becoming mission critical stuff.

Best thing, it is so easy to get up and running!

Very much like the service.

You'll enjoy this update... the uptime monitoring service that you guys are replacing was throwing false positives all this past week, and your service was of great benefit in that I was able to dispel the upper management concerns regarding the alerts from the other service.

Adam Goslin said about Wormly on Aug 3

I am really pleased with the services. I have tried several online alternatives, but yours is by far the simplest, most useful I've tried.

I will be purchasing a package this week.

I was hoping it was something simple like this. I am amazed at how quickly your were willing to accommodate my needs. Thanks for your great customer service.

In general we have been very happy with the easy setup and management of your services and it sure helps us sleep better, although not when we actually get failure alerts :)

My clients are amazed that I know when they have a problem before they do - and they love the detailed and clear reports.

Your service is fantastic and amazing value for money too!

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome SMTP testing tool on Wormly, it has been incredibly useful over the past couple of days.

Lachlan Donald from 99 Designs said about Wormly on Feb 18

Thanks - I've signed up for Bronze plan at the moment. Quite impressed during the trial, and as a small cost conscious business, this means I can provide easy professional support for my users.

One thing I found interesting during the trial was to compare availability stats from a shared hosting environment and a VPS host. Useful to provide clients with hard facts about the benefits of different schemes.

Someone said to me that I could easily write something like this for myself - I said, sure I could - I could also service my own car, clean my own carpets, wipe my own a**e etc etc...

Thanks very much for your prompt reply. As usual, Wormly can do what I
need. I still don't understand why more people don't use your product - it
is really excellent.

Thank you! Wormly helped me discover a major bug in my code (actually a vendor's).

Wow, that was fast. Keep up the great work, and the fantastic product! =)

I have found wormly.com's uptime monitoring services invaluable in knowing the uptime of my websites. If you are using budget hosting providers it is absolutely essential that you know how much downtime your website experiences. You are throwing money away if you don't.

Hey, Wormly is fantastic - easily the best of all of the uptime monitoring companies! And I've tried the lot: www.internetsupervision.com, www.serviceuptime.com, www.siteuptime.com, www.alertra.com, www.websitepulse.com, etc.

Its the little things that count: when you sign up, it automatically detects your location based on your IP address, and sets your timezone. Nice. Cheers for providing such an incredibly good service.

Shane Tolmie from DesignREM Ltd. said about Wormly on Sep 10

Thanks! You have a great service there - a real life-saver!

Lloyd Chrein from chrein.com said about Wormly on Sep 28

Very, very impressed by what I have first seen, and I am sure i will continue service after the free trial.

Kevin Conlin from ProntoHost said about Wormly on Oct 29

I used Pingdom and my hosting company called them an invalid uptime monitoring service, but they listened when I started referencing Wormly monitoring reports.

Charlie Jackman said about Wormly on Mar 20

Wormly served us well for more than 2 years and I will certainly recommend it to anyone asking for server monitoring tool.

Maros Miskerik said about Wormly on Dec 9

The service is just perfect. Especially that you did not fall for the Javascript madness, and the user interface and logic behind it is really superb compared to other tools out there.

Robert Redl from Easytouch said about Wormly on Feb 17

Wormly has been a great resource and quite honestly is the best representation of what I'd be looking for in a monitoring server. I love the detailed graphs and history that the web server agent provides.

Chris Uy said about Wormly on Dec 31

Excellent tools ! They are of valuable help to test email servers (as most firewalls don't allow telnet to the tcp/25 port)

Keep up the good work !

Pieter Lambrecht said about Wormly on Dec 3

I think your system operates brilliantly. Nice work!

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