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Complete uptime monitoring

Whilst our HTTP Sensor is impressively powerful on its own, we know that you need more than just web server uptime monitoring to keep your systems running smoothly.

Wormly offers a full suite of sensors to monitor just about anything that speaks TCP/IP; including over IPv6.

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Advanced Alert Schedules

When you have a large team monitoring many critical systems, it's all too easy to descend into a flood of uncontrolled alerts. Our Alert Rosters provides an easy-to-understand method for escalating alerts to different people when a failure continues unresolved.

It integrates with Alert Groups so you can use the same escalation schedules for both Uptime and Metrics (Server Health) Monitoring.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Let's face it; DevOps people are always in a hurry. They're not interested in wasting time on routine tasks, have zero patience for poor UX and would prefer not to even reach for their mouse!

Wormly was built by DevOps fanatics, which is why you'll find comprehensive shortcuts in every part of the app, and a super fast search tool to navigate across all monitoring targets and reports.

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No app installation

Not another app to install! Everyone is suffering from app-fatigue in 2024, so Wormly avoids this by providing a responsive, fully functional, progressive web app - which is always instantly available and up-to-date across all mobile devices.

Yes, that image is an Android / iPhone hybrid, and we're happy with that because Wormly looks and runs exactly the same on both platforms!

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Fine grained rules for alerts

In addition to the usual Metrics you collect from your systems - CPU Load, RAM, Disk IO, etc - Wormly makes it super simple to push any metric you like.

Our Rule-based alerting system ensures that you can keep your team in the loop, and allowed fine-grained control at the host, rule set and even individual rule level. Even if the problem is just an overheating coffee machine!

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One-line agent installation

Server health monitoring has always been more hassle than it should be - in fact that's why we started Wormly 10 years ago. Even today, leading packages such as collectd vary wildly across platforms in terms of available versions, supported plugins and the esoteric configuration incantations required to use them.

That's why we offer pre-built packages of collectd-wormly for all major GNU/Linux distros and a ridiculously simple one-line install & configure script.

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The most powerful graph engine

We challenge you to find graphs that render faster than ours! Our mission is to get graphs in front of your face before you can even spot the 'Loading' message. Even if you're viewing a 3 or 12-month graph series, we've delivered before you can blink.

Our graph pages can be customized in every conceivable way, render beautifully across all devices and screen sizes and convey the maximum information in the minimum of time.

You can monitor and graph anything at all, from Disk IOPS to daily sales to the temperature of the coffee machine!

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Uptime Reports at a glance

Uptime and Downtime Reports can be a sea of numbers, especially with the permanent data retention that Wormly offers. Accordingly we've developed an affinity for various shades of pink and red to ensure you can easily identify and contrast higher and lower severity periods of downtime.

You can also make your Uptime Reports publicly visible to demonstrate to your customers your transparency and commitment to uptime.

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The server metrics monitoring is great, I’ve been wanting this for ages! I had some grand idea of building it myself but never had the time :)

- Mark Moynihan from

I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome SMTP testing tool on Wormly, it has been incredibly useful over the past couple of days.

- Lachlan Donald from