High Resolution 5 second monitoring interval - the fastest in the market.
Instant Failure Alerts Get alerted by SMS, Slack, Telegram, voice calls + more.
Monitor all protocols HTTPS (+ IPv6) PING SMTP POP3 IMAP FTP TCP DNS
Advanced Metrics Nginx Apache PHP-APC Postfix TCP States - and thousands more.
 Linux CPU Load Disk IO Disk Space MySQL Net RAM VM Uptime
 Windows CPU RAM Processes Disk Usage Uptime
Host Dependencies Prevent cascading alerts by defining host dependencies
No False Alarms Failures verified by our nodes in USA, Europe, and Asia/Pacific
Multiple User Accounts Grant access to your entire team - with all activity logged in the Audit Trail.
Power Users Site-wide keyboard shortcuts combined with global search keep you moving fast.
Uptime Reporting Detailed Uptime Reports with SLA metrics
Performance Trends Graph response time performance and many other Metrics
Notification API Plug our HTTP Alert API into your applications
Scheduled Downtime Define downtime periods during maintenance windows
Escalation Escalate continuing problems to more senior staff or different teams
Do Not Disturb Periods Don't wake up the off-duty admin!
High Availability Fault tolerant & distributed architecture gives you 100% monitoring reliability
Prove Your Uptime Publish uptime statistics to build confidence
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