Alert Targeting & Escalation

If a host remains down for an extended period of time, Wormly will escalate the failure notifications to different people on different channels according to your preferences.

For example, you may decide on an escalation schedule such as this:

When failure is first detected

If a failure has continued for 5 minutes

Notify Mel via ICQ, and

Notify Peter via SMS

If a failure has continued for 15 minutes

Notify Peter via SMS, and

Notify Sarah via SMS

When a host recovers, all recipients who have received a failure notice will be notified of the recovery.

Management of your targeting and escalation preferences is done within the Settings section of the Wormly customers' area.

Do Not Disturb

A common scenario is that of support staff being on call only during specified hours. Outside of this time, we do not want to notify them – particularly via SMS at 4am!

To achieve this, “Do not disturb” periods can be applied to every contact person and the channels on which they receive notifications. They can be anywhere between 1 minute and 24 hours in length, and scheduled to repeat daily, weekly or monthly.

You can manage these periods in the Settings » Contacts section of the Wormly customers' area.

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