Telegram Alerts

The Wormly Telegram Bot can send alert & failure notifications to you personally, or to a Telegram chat group - for example your DevOps team Telegram group chat.

To configure Telegram alerting when failures are detected on your website, server or application, head to Contacts and tap Create New Contact - or add a new channel to an existing contact.

Add Telegram Alerts

You will then see the Telegram Bot setup screen:

Telegram website down alert setup

Now, start a chat with the Wormly Telegram Bot: @WormlyBot and simply send the 5-digit Telegram Setup Code shown to you.

Once you have sent the code, tap Save. You will then receive a Telegram message indicating that the setup was successful.

Telegram Alerts in Group Chats

If you wish to receive website / server / app failure alerts to a Telegram group chat, the setup process is nearly identical. See the Telegram Group Chat Alert page.

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