Alert Notification Channels

When a failure occurs, you need to know about it before your customers do. Wormly offers many alert channels to ensure you're the first to know.


Perhaps the most important alert channel; this sends a standard SMS text message to a cell / mobile phone in any country. SMS alerts are shortened in order to make them more readable and useful in the 160-characters available.

Phone Call

The phone call alert channel makes a regular voice call to the designated phone number, using speech synthesis to read out a brief summary of the error. Learn more.


Our Telegram Bot can send alert & failures notifications to you directly, or toDevOps team Telegram group chat. Learn more.


Our Webhook / HTTP Alert Channel has a pre-configured Slack integration, allowing you to inject alerts into any Slack chat room. Perfect for you if that's where your DevOps team are hanging out! Learn how to setup Slack Alerts.


Our Discord webhook integration allows you to receive alerts directly to your Discord chat rooms. Learn how to setup Discord Alerts.

Microsoft Teams

Our integration with Microsoft Teams lets you receive alerts to your Teams and Chats. Learn how to setup Microsoft Teams alerts.


Most users also opt to receive alerts via email in addition to other channels, because delivery is guaranteed, support is universal and email notifications can be easily archived.

Short Email

This channel sends an email containing the same short alert text as the SMS channel. This makes it ideal for use if your cell / mobile phone provider offers you a free Email » SMS gateway.

Webhook / HTTP

This channel makes an HTTP POST request, encapsulating the alert data in an XML string, JSON object, or Serialized-PHP array.

This enables you to invoke a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) within your system, allowing applications to automatically take action when Wormly alerts are triggered.

Learn how to use the Webhook / HTTP alert channel »

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