Alert Groups

When a failure continues for a period of time, Wormly will escalate alerts to different people on different channels according to your selected Alert Group.

Let's consider this example Alert Group:

As you can see from this schedule, initial failures are reported to the Slack channel, the DevOps (Tracking) API and Pradeep via email. After 15 minutes these alerts are repeated and escalated to include Anna and the Pager Gateway. Further escalation occurs after 1 hour and 6 hours of consecutive downtime.

When a host recovers, all recipients who have received a failure notice will be notified of the recovery.

You can define Escalation Levels (e.g. 5 minutes, 15 minutes) as well as customise the default ones in your account.

Alert Groups & Rules for Metrics

You can create as many Alert Groups as you need, and you can use the same groups for both Metrics and Uptime Monitoring.

Assigning Alert Groups to Metrics is a little more complex, because you must first define rules to identify when metrics have breached their acceptable limits. For example, we might create a rule which identifies the minimum acceptable amount of available disk space:

If we assign the Alert Group discussed above to this Rule Set, then Pete and the Chat Room will be alerted as soon as Free Disk Space falls below 5%, and Sarah will receive an SMS if Free Disk Space remains < 5% for 15 minutes continuously - and eventually a Phone Call after one hour of Free Disk Space remaining below 5%.

You can specify a default Alert Group for the Host, and then override it for rule sets - and even individual rules - by clicking the icons.

Note that for a single host, Uptime Monitoring and Metrics each have their own Default Alert Group - which can be modified under the respective Uptime and Metrics tabs.

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