Privacy Policy

Wormly collects a variety of information from our customers for a variety of reasons. This document outlines what we collect, why, and how we protect it.

Personal Information

When you register as a Wormly customer, we collect personally identifying information including your name, company and email address.

We use this information for billing purposes, and to maintain good communicative relationships with our customers. This includes email-marketing activities. You may opt out of these at any time by replying to the relevant email.

We also use this information to verify that our customers are abiding by our Terms of Service.

Your personal information is protected by the Commonwealth of Australia Privacy Act. We warrant that we will not disclose this information to any 3rd party except as required by law.

We provide facilities so that you can view, and update, this information at any time.

Data Collected by the Service

As a performance and availability monitoring service, Wormly collects a large amount of data relating to the performance and availability of your systems.

We collect this information under your direction. This information is processed and presented to you in order to provide the reporting services offered by Wormly.

We may also use this information, in aggregate form only, to produce generalized statistics describing server performance for public release. No personal or corporate identifying information will be included in this release unless we have express written permission from you.


We use cookies on our website and within the service for a number of reasons including:

  • Tracking of user login sessions.
  • Tracking customer referrals.
  • To help ensure our users are abiding by the Terms of Service.
  • To track advertising and marketing activities.


The information described in this Privacy Policy is stored on a number of secure servers in various locations throughout the world. These servers comprise our Distributed Monitoring Network.

We apply the same security policy to our entire server infrastructure, which is to make our best effort to maintain the integrity and security of these systems. We do this by following industry best practice with regard to systems architecture, software updates, server hardening and encryption.

All communications within this distributed server infrastructure are secured using industry-standard 128-bit or 256-bit SSL encryption.

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