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We don't just monitor downtime.

We provide you with tools to improve your infrastructure performance and prevent downtime. Learn more »

We're more reliable.

Our distributed monitoring network is more fault tolerant than our competitors. Learn more »

Using Wormly is just more enjoyable.

Every aspect of our user interface has been designed to be simple and intuitive. Read on to learn about our obsession with quality.

Our focus on quality

We iterate constantly to ensure every part of the Wormly control panel is simple, intuitive, and enjoyable to use.

Speed matters! No unnecessary images, definitely no Flash, and a lightweight, highly optimized implementation makes our page-load speed unrivalled. Compare it with our competitors to see for yourself.

Behind the scenes, our platform has been built from scratch with a complete set of unit-tests and automated deployment tools.

This means that our application never just “breaks”, and that we can roll out bug fixes and new features faster.

We're proud of the system that we've built, and we sincerely want you to enjoy using it. Try it out now and tell us what you think!

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Downtime Hurts. Start monitoring and stop worrying.

Our monitoring service continually tests your servers & web sites to keep you online and performing fast. Fully-featured plans start from just $44 / month.

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