Distributed Monitoring Network

As any engineer will tell you, the more problems you can solve with a single solution, the better.

By distributing our website monitoring network across multiple nodes, we have solved the problems of fault tolerance and scalability.

Fault Tolerance

As a monitor of availability, our first job is to recognize that failures will occur, and that our own systems are certainly not exempt from this reality. With that in mind, it was vital to construct Wormly to tolerate failure.

This ensures that we can continue to provide monitoring services to our customers under all circumstances.

Within the Wormly network, each node maintains contact with every other node in order to verify that they are “online”. With this information, any node is able to take over the duties of other, failed nodes when necessary.

Each node also keeps a complete copy of the monitoring database so that the Wormly system can continue to operate in a decentralized mode even if the master node fails.

The upshot of this design is that you can rest assured that under all circumstances, Wormly will continue to monitor your systems and alert you when failures are detected.

While most of our competitors also offer multiple monitoring nodes, they still retain the master node as a single point of failure. This means they simply cannot match our level of reliability.


Monitoring tasks are distributed across our network to avoid placing large loads on individual servers. By having multiple nodes, each running at a low utilization level, Wormly is able to easily cope with sharp fluctuations in demand for our service.

Our automated testing and deployment tools ensure that, should the need arise, new nodes can be added to our monitoring network within a matter of hours.

Downtime Hurts. Start monitoring and stop worrying.

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