Website Monitoring Service

The Wormly website monitoring network continually monitors your web site infrastructure, and alerts you if a failure is detected. By immediately knowing when a problem has occurred, you can take action quickly to minimize downtime.

Wormly offers sensors to monitor the full range of TCP/IP services, ensuring that you have a complete picture of your infrastructure availability and uptime.

We operate multiple “nodes” in the USA, Europe and Asia / Pacific, ensuring that our monitoring system reflects the global nature of Internet communications.

By maintaining a network of nodes, we can ensure that Wormly is a reliable, scalable, and fault tolerant monitoring service. Learn more »

Meaningful Uptime Reports

From the outset, Wormly was designed to deliver performance and availability information to you in a clear and concise manner.

To this end, we provide critical information in all parts of the customers' area, increasing in detail right down to individual test diagnostics.

Our availability reports reveal uptime rates with daily, monthly and yearly periodicity. In addition, all monitored sensors include clear trend graphs showing their performance levels over time. Learn more about uptime reporting »

No False Positives

Eliminating false positives is an important aspect of any web server monitoring strategy. While the IP networks that underpin the Internet are remarkably robust, transient communication failures are commonplace.

A single failed HTTP request from one client to a web server does not, in and of itself, indicate problems with the server or its network infrastructure. Therefore it is important to check the validity of an observed failure before notifying the relevant system administrators.

Wormly achieves this by contacting three other nodes in geographically distinct locations, and requesting that they also perform the test in question.

If all nodes agree that a failure has occurred, you will be notified according to your alert settings, which can include SMS, email, Telegram and Phone Call notifications. Learn more »

Downtime Hurts. Start monitoring and stop worrying.

Our monitoring service continually tests your servers & web sites to keep you online and performing fast. Fully-featured plans start from just $44 / month.

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