Phone Call Alert on Website / Server Failure

The phone call alert channel makes a regular voice call to the designated phone number, using speech synthesis to read out a brief summary of the error. Calls are charged at a flat rate of $0.40 per call.

Upon answering the phone call, you will first be asked to accept the message by pressing the number one on your handset. Once you have listened to the message, you will be prompted to confirm receipt of the message, or replay it as necessary.

If you do not answer the call, we will make repeated attempts roughly every 10 minutes for up to an hour.

Our standard price of $0.40 per call applies regardless of whether you accept or reject the message - and irrespective of the call duration. Calls to fixed line and mobile phones in all countries are charged at the same rate.

Please note that we only issue phone call alerts during failures - you will not receive a phone call containing a recovery message. We figure that you only need to receive such a disruptive notification when the situation is bad!

International Phone Number Format

Be sure to use the full international dialling code for your phone number, removing any 0 at the beginning of your number.

For example, if the number 555-321-0994 is located in the United States, then the international format would be: +15553210994

Or, for the UK mobile number 0797 214 8534, the international form would be: +447972148534

Wikipedia has a full list of country dialling codes.

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