POP3 Monitoring Sensor

POP3 Performance Graph The POP3 sensor provides performance and availability monitoring of your target POP3 server. Upon establishing a POP3 connection, the sensor verifies that your target server responds with the correct greeting and status code.

Optionally, it will also attempt to authenticate against your server using the supplied username and password credentials.

The POP3 monitoring sensor supports connections to both regular and SSL encrypted POP3 services.


Hostname or IP
The hostname or IP of the POP3 service to be monitored.

The username with which this sensor will attempt to log in to the target POP3 server.

The password with which this sensor will attempt to log in to the target POP3 server.

Number of seconds after which we consider the POP3 server to have failed if no response is received. Default is 15 seconds.

TCP Port
Specifies the TCP port that the monitored POP3 server is running on. Defaults to 110, or 995 for SSL-enabled connections.

Use SSL?
Whether or not to use an SSL encrypted connection during the POP3 server monitoring.

APOP is an encrypted POP authentication method that prevents password disclosure over unsecured networks. Most servers should support this authentication method; some may require it.

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