DNS Monitoring Sensor

DNS Performance Graph The DNS Query sensor provides performance and availability monitoring of your target DNS server. The sensor performs a standard DNS query via UDP requesting the specified DNS record and type.

Whether the monitored DNS server passes or fails the test is determined by what expected response(s) are defined and the timeout period in which they must arrive.


DNS Server
The hostname or IP of the DNS server to be monitored. We recommend you use an IP address to avoid needing an extra DNS lookup which could influence the test result.

Record Type
The record type requested from the monitored DNS server.

DNS Query
The query performed against the monitored DNS server. e.g. www.wormly.com

Expected DNS Response
The responses expected from the monitored DNS server, one response per line. e.g.

Response must include
Any of these - If any of the expected DNS responses are received, then the test will pass.

All of these - All of the expected DNS responses must be received for the test to pass.

Number of seconds after which we consider the DNS server to have failed if no response is received. Default is 15 seconds.

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