SMTP Monitoring

Monitoring your SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) server is an important part of your IT operations. Given the critical reliance of essentially all businesses on their email systems, ensuring that messages are always received is key to their day-to-day operations.

With the increasing reliance on 3rd party and cloud providers, this essential service is often overlooked from a monitoring & DevOps perspective - and SMTP errors can be missed.

As part of the Wormly Uptime Monitoring suite, the SMTP sensor provides regular performance and availability monitoring of your SMTP server - with test intervals as low as 5 seconds.

Upon successful establishment of a TCP connection to your SMTP server, it negotiates a TLS/SSL session, and then proceeds to verify that the target SMTP service responds with the correct status code.

If desired, it will also attempt to verify that the server recognises and accepts the supplied email address. This functionality is not available on all mail servers, so be sure to test your SMTP server before enabling this.

SMTP Monitoring Parameters

Hostname or IP
The hostname or IP of the SMTP service to be monitored..

If your SMTP server supports TLS encryption, choose this option to monitor a TLS enabled SMTP connection. Be sure to specify the TCP port your monitored SMTP service is running on.

Email address
If supplied, Wormly will attempt to verify this email address with the monitored SMTP service.

Number of seconds after which we consider the SMTP server to have failed if no response is received. Default is 15 seconds.

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