MySQL Status

Wormly Metrics provides MySQL performance monitoring - among thousands of other metrics.

MySQL offers a wealth of status information to the administrator, however most users lack a means to process and interpret this data. Wormly provides you with a number of graphs describing the varying load, utilization and efficiency of your MySQL servers over time.

Correlating these graphs with lower-level performance metrics (e.g. Load, CPU & RAM Usage) can help you determine what impact the MySQL database is having on your overall website performance.

MySQL Command Statistics Graph

The MySQL Commands graph shows you the number of commands per second executed on the target server, for the four fundamental SQL operations.

Updates and Inserts are generally the ones to look out for, as an irregular spike can raise performance issues due to the increased Disk IO demands associated with it.

MySQL Query Cache hit-rate Graph

The MySQL Query Cache graph indicates what proportion of queries are being satisfied by the query cache; known as “cache hits”. Obviously the higher the proportion the better, as cached queries execute much faster and consume fewer resources.

MySQL Connections Graph

The MySQL Connections graph indicates the number of connections currently established to your target MySQL server. This is a useful overall load metric, and can be helpful in diagnosing the familiar MySQL too many connections error.

MySQL Throughput Graph

The MySQL Throughput graph is another useful metric for assessing the overall load level of your MySQL server. It indicates the rate of raw data transfer into, and out of, the target database server. It is presented in kilobytes per second.

Spikes in this graph can reveal usage of large binary objects (BLOBs) which, despite having significant Disk IO requirements, would remain hidden in regular command query statistics.

Performance Graphs


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