Health Monitoring & Alerts

This page is deprecated!

Wormly Metrics has replaced the original Wormly Health Monitoring service and is, frankly, oh-so-much better!

Head over to Wormly Metrics to learn more. Or specific information for Metrics & Alerting.

The content below is no longer relevant, but is preserved here for legacy installations.

Once you have configured health monitoring for your server, you can define rules to trigger alerts when various health metrics exceed the limits you define. Click on your hosts' Health Monitoring tab and follow the instructions to configure it.

For example, you might setup a rule to send you an SMS if the amount of free disk space falls below 5% for a period of more than 15 minutes - or a rule to email your administrator if CPU usage exceeds 95%

Each rule has a qualifying period which defines how long the rule must be in breach before the alert message will be sent. In the above disk space example, the qualifying period is 15 minutes. Naturally you can specify immediate qualification - so alerts will be sent as soon as the breach is detected.

Rules also contain a repeat period which defines the frequency at which alert messages should be repeated whilst the rule remains in breach.

For example you may wish to be emailed every hour that your servers' free disk space remains below 5%, so that you are aware that the problem is ongoing and whether the situation is deteriorating. Each alert message includes the current state of the metric (e.g. 5% free, 4%, 3%, etc).

Once the problem has been resolved, you will receive a recovery notice indicating that the rule is no longer in breach. Note that if the rule breach did not reach the qualifying period - then neither breach nor recovery alerts will be sent.

Here's a screenshot of the rule creation interface:

Server health monitoring rule creation


Each health monitoring service includes provision of up to 6 health alerting rules on that server - with subsequent rules charged at $0.50 / rule per month.

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