Disk Space Used / Free

Wormly Metrics provides disk space monitoring - among thousands of other metrics.

Disk space utilization / free disk space available is a seemingly obvious yet often overlooked health metric in your server. Running our of disk space can be a catastrophic event so it's important to monitor the free space available on every partition & disk within your server.

You can utilize Wormly's health monitoring alerts to ensure the right people are alerted if your servers begin to run low on disk space.

Here's an example trend graph showing variation of disk space utilization over time:

Graph monitoring free / used disk space

Reviewing trend graphs showing available disk space can be a useful way to learn how much space is used - even temporarily - during periodic processes such as backups and log processing.

It's quite normal to notice large jumps in disk space utilization in these instances, so it's critical to ensure your system always has adequate free disk space to handle large, short term increases.

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