How much does it cost to use Metrics?

You can view realtime usage & pricing at any time on the Billing page in My Account.

The pricing of Metrics is very simple; we only charge for the number of Metrics you submit each minute. At the end of each month, we calculate the average metrics-per-minute for that month, and your bill is calculated from that number.

Each Wormly Plan includes a number of metrics-per-minute provided at no extra cost, as well as a metric-per-minute price for usage beyond what's included in the plan.

Although we calculate metrics per minute for billing purposes, you can submit metrics at any frequency you like. For example, if you send metrics every 5 minutes instead of every minute, then you can send 5 times as many for the same price.

Pricing Example

A typical Linux host running collectd will submit ~80 different metrics. At the 1-minute default submission interval, that's ~80 metrics per minute. So on the Gold plan the 800 included metrics would be sufficient for 10 typical Linux hosts.

The excess metric price on the Gold plan is $0.05 per metric per minute. So the 11th host would cost ~$4 / month. Or you could reduce the collection interval to 2-minutes, which would provide monitoring for 20 typical Linux hosts at no extra cost.

Please note that the number of metrics submitted by any host is dependent on your specific collectd configuration - and indeed if any additional metrics are submitted via the Metrics API. So these calculations are estimates only - you can view realtime usage & pricing at any time from the Billing page - found under My Account.

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