API Errors

The Metrics API responds to all requests with a JSON response. When your request has been accepted, the response {"ok":true} will be returned, accompanied by a 200 OK HTTP header.

However, if an error has occurred, you will see one of the following responses from the Metrics API:


No metrics found in POST body: {POST body}

Collectd submitted a request that did not contain any valid metrics.


No metrics found in request

We could not parse any metrics from your request. Please consult the API documentation for examples: https://www.wormly.com/help/metrics-collectd/custom-metrics


Invalid timestamp: current time is {current time}, timestamp in your request is {client submitted time}

The timestamp provided in your request differs to our system clock by a large margin. Please check that your system clock is correct.


The invalid metric name(s) are: {invalid metric name(s)}

You have tried to use a metric name reserved for our internal use. You'll need to use a different metric name.


You have hit the Metrics rate limit of {maximum allowed} metrics per minute with {number of metrics sent} metrics

You're sending metrics at too high a rate. This is most likely caused by a misconfigured app, but please contact support if you feel this to be in error: wormly.com/support


Host {host id} does not exist or does not belong to your account - please check that you are using the correct API key at: wormly.com/apikeys

The hostID specified does not exist or does not belong to your account.


Internal server error

Oops, there's a problem with our system - our fault, not yours! Our apologies for the inconvenience, our Ops team has been notified and we will have this resolved as soon as possible.


API key not found or missing required permissions

The API key submitted either does not exist or does not have the necessary Host::Health::Submit permission. Verify your keys at: wormly.com/apikeys


User is not allowed to post metrics

The API key used for the request is valid, but the owners' account does not have permission to submit metrics. Please contact support if you feel this is an error: wormly.com/support


Incorrect message format: {bad line}

Incorrect metrics submission format. The offending line is shown in the API response.


Invalid metric property: {property name}

An invalid metric property was submitted.


Invalid metric property value: {property name}={property value}

A metric property was submitted with an invalid value.


Host {host name} has been disabled - please re-enable it here https://www.wormly.com/edithost/hostid/{hostid}#metrics

The host has been explicitly disabled via the Wormly control panel, so all metric submissions are refused. Re-enable this host before sending metrics.

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