What does "Could not resolve hostname" mean?

This error indicates that the domain name servers (DNS) that translate your domain name into an IP address failed to respond during the test cycle.

You will need to contact your DNS service provider (which is often your domain registrar) to determine the cause of the outage and any corrective action taken.

You may find that during a DNS server outage you can still access the server from your computer. This is because both your operating system and your ISP cache DNS records for up to 24 hours, meaning that they already know the relevant IP address and can continue without contacting your DNS server.

Wormly monitoring nodes respect the (time to live) TTL period defined by your DNS servers, and so also cache DNS records.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Use the free DNS lookup tool to verify the correct operation of your DNS servers, and ensure that they respond to queries as expected.
  2. Use the free HTTP test tool to verify that the problem has been resolved. The test tool will provide diagnostic information showing the DNS resolution, TCP connection establishment, TLS / SSL encryption session creation and finally the HTTP request and response.

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Ninja Tip: trace* will match traceroute.

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