MySQL Metrics are missing but other Metrics are OK

Our installation script attempts to locate your MySQL credentials (looking in /etc/mysql/my.conf, ~/.my.cnf among other places) - if successful it writes two config files:


If these files do not exist, then our auto-detect failed. It hasn't been tested with MariaDB so that could well be the issue.

The solution is to simply use these two MySQL config templates:


Make copies of them in the same location, but without ".template" extension. Then, enter values for the various config fields, including MYSQLHOST, MYSQLUSER, MYSQLPASSWORD, MYSQLSOCKET, MYSQLPORT.

Then test your config with:

collectd-wormly -T

Keep an eye out for MySQL errors; and look out for {"ok":true}

Some systems do not support the DBI extension; try removing that config file if you see errors during testing.

Finally, restart collectd-wormly:

service collectd-wormly restart

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