Collectd curl_json plugin for AMZN Linux

Collectd's curl_json plugin requires libyajl, a fast JSON parser library.

Whilst most RHEL, CentOS and Debian / Ubuntu based linux distributions include this library, Amazon Linux (AMZN Linux) is a notable exception. As of November 2015 the library remains absent from their repositories.

As such, we provide a package containing libyajl to ensure that the (very useful and rather important) curl_json plugin is available to collectd users on AMZN Linux.

If you're using our repository, then you can simply install the plugin as normal (and the libyajl dependency will be automatically fetched from our repo):

yum install collectd-wormly-curl-json

If you just want to install libyajl on AMZN Linux, or need a working copy of, you can download the RPMs directly from our repository:

Why would I need this?

Many services expose their performance data with JSON encoding. For example, the curl_json plugin makes it easy to monitor PHP-APC cache performance:

PHP-APC Cache Operations and Hit Rate Monitoring

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