Monitoring Windows Server Processes with BBWin

Wormly Metrics allows you to monitor individual processes running on your Windows Server, tracking whether processes are running, how many instances are running, and the CPU and Memory usage of each process.

To get started, create a new Host within the control panel, and select the Metrics tab. Then simply follow the instructions shown there to install BBWin on the corresponding server / instance.

By default, CPU and Memory usage are reported for every process. Additionally, process counts are reported for a number of commonly used services. The relevant BBWin configuration directive looks like this:

	<setting name="Csrss.exe" rule="=1" />
	<setting name="Inetinfo.exe" rule="=1" />
	<setting name="Isass.exe" rule="=1" />
	<setting name="Ism.exe" rule="=1" />
	<setting name="Smss.exe" rule="=1" />
	<setting name="sqlservr.exe" rule="=1" />

Once metric submission has started, you will be able to view the Metrics within the Wormly control panel. For example, if we search for services.exe we can see the following:

Configure Alerts when a process fails or stops running

Click on the icon to create a rule on a given metric:



Once created, you will see the rule in your Metrics tab for that host - and any other hosts you've assigned the relevant Rule Group to:


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