Windows Server Health Monitoring

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In addition to monitoring the user-facing characteristics of your website & servers, Wormly completes the picture by monitoring the internal health and performance your Windows servers.

This is achieved through the use of a small piece of software; the BBWin agent, which runs on Windows servers to collect performance & health statistics, and forward them onto Wormly for processing.

The statistics collected include CPU, RAM, Processes, Disk Usage, and Server Uptime.

Armed with this data collection process, Wormly is able to present you with trend graphs showing the fluctuations over time of these vital characteristics, so you can improve system health and spot trouble areas before they cause downtime.

Downtime Hurts. Start monitoring and stop worrying.

Our monitoring service continually tests your servers & web sites to keep you online and performing fast. Fully-featured plans start from just $44 / month.

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