Can I choose the locations you monitor from?

Yes - simply click the "Edit" button on the Host Overview page and choose your preferred node from the Primary Monitoring Node drop down.

As noted in the Wormly Test Cycle Overview, each of your hosts are assigned a Primary Monitoring Node, which will conduct the majority of the testing of that host.

When a failure state is detected, other Wormly nodes are consulted to confirm the failure.

Occasionally the Primary Monitoring Node to which a host is assigned might change. For example, if we retire a node - or add a new node - hosts will be migrated to ensure optimum performance of our distributed monitoring system.

Additionally, when one of our nodes is taken offline for maintenance - or has failed - other nodes automatically take over monitoring of that nodes' hosts.

So, whilst you can choose which Primary Monitoring Node your hosts are assigned to, be aware that this is a best-effort setting, and for the operational reasons explained above you may find that your hosts are monitored from other nodes.

At this stage you cannot control which nodes are used for failure confirmations, nor can you assign multiple nodes to simultaneously monitoring a hosts. We do, however, plan to add this functionality in the future.

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