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SitePoint SitePoint is the leading destination for website developers, publishers, owners and other web professionals.

With half a million newsletter subscribers and millions of unique website visitors each month, SitePoint is the quintessential example of a large scale online enterprise, and they have chosen Wormly to secure the uptime and performance of their websites and server infrastructure.

SitePoint's Managing Director Mark Harbottle said:

We chose Wormly because website uptime is crucial to our business - for three reasons. Firstly, our books and kits are sold directly through our online store - and if is not online and responsive, customers will go elsewhere.

Secondly, our webmaster marketplace is the largest of its kind, and we need to keep our buyers and sellers delighted with the SitePoint experience and returning to participate again and again. Downtime is simply unacceptable.

Finally, our premium advertisers rely on SitePoint generating consistent impressions - missed opportunities caused by a slow or unreachable website translates directly into revenue lost.

The Solution

SitePoint operates a number of web and database servers to satisfy the millions of pageviews delivers each day. Wormly's server health & performance monitoring service acts as a first line of defense, to keep SitePoint's sysadmin team abreast of any bottlenecks and infrastructure constraints.

In addition to this, Wormly continually monitors's HTTP response times from remote, “outside the firewall” locations to ensure the quality expectations of end-users are met.

Should failures of any infrastructure component be detected, Wormly alerts various members of the SitePoint sysadmin team via email, instant message and SMS, enabling them to effect a rapid resolution - 24x7.

Downtime Hurts. Start monitoring and stop worrying.

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