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SitePoint ValuableNames is a powerful research tool to help domain name industry players find under-valued domain names. Their system catalogues the value of over 80 million domain names and it's conducting new research all day, every day.

It's a complex application, which took two years of development time and performs many computationally expensive tasks. Despite powerful hardware being available at modest prices, maximizing the performance of their servers has allowed substantial cost savings.

Technical Director Jason Donald said:

The complexity of our system made it difficult to determine which load factors - IO, RAM and CPU wise - were relevant during different processing operations.

Wormly gives us a birds-eye view those factors, it helps us understand our load levels so we can improve the performance of our servers.

Wormly's monitoring has also helped improve the availability of our customer-facing website. We've used a few web monitoring services, but were getting too many false alarms. Wormly seems to be really accurate with their testing.

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