Why am I receiving false alarms? Our server is working fine!

When a Wormly monitoring node detects a failure, it is then verified with at least 3 peer nodes, in geographically separate locations, before the error is confirmed and alerts are issued.

By using this test methodology, false alarms that would otherwise be caused by localized connectivity degradation can be avoided.

Hence we can offer a very high level of assurance that alerts reported by Wormly are not false alarms.

Naturally, if you are convinced that we've made a mistake, we encourage you to contact the support desk with as much information as possible so we can investigate.

Common Cause: DNS Caching
The most common reason why Wormly reports your website to be down, but it continues to work for you, is failed DNS servers. Learn more about this problem.

Truncated Responses
Please note that our HTTP client limits responses to 256kB (262144 bytes) - so if you are searching for text that appears after the 262144 byte boundary, it will not be found.

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