Can I monitor web servers behind a load balancer?

Yes - If you have multiple web servers sitting behind a load balancer or within a Content Distribution Network (CDN), you can still monitor them individually if they are reachable via a public IP address.

The Wormly HTTP sensor parameter Force IP Address allows you to target a specific web server using SNI. Simply enter the IP address of the web server you wish to target in that field:

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Alternative for plaintext HTTP

Prior to the widespread adoption of HTTPS, the same effect could be achieved as follows:

Because many web servers inspect the Host: request header (for name based virtual-hosting), you will most likely want to override this request header so it contains your domain name rather than the IP address of the server.

You can achieve this configuration with the Wormly HTTP monitoring sensor. Simply put your web servers' public IP address in the URL field, e.g:

And specify your Host: header in the Custom Request Headers field, e.g:


By overriding the Host: header, the web server will treat the above request in the same way as if the client had requested the URL directly.

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