How can I monitor a user log in / sign in on my website?

You can use Wormly to monitor the login functionality of your website or web application by configuring an HTTP sensor to perform a POST containing the users' credentials.

Let's assume that your website contains a sign-in form like this:

user login form to monitor

The username / email and password fields will be submitted to your web server (or application backend) via an HTTP POST.

You can simulate this by configuring a Wormly HTTP sensor to perform this HTTP POST with some sample login credentials (we recommend that you create a dedicated user account & password for this purpose, ideally with limited permissions):
configure http sensor to monitor username and password post

You can also configure an Expected text string in the HTTP sensor configuration to check that the login was successful; by verifying that the 302 redirect location URL matches what is expected after a successful login.

See the HTTP POST parameter for more detail on configuration. Does your website use HTTP Basic Authentication instead? Find our how to monitor HTTP basic auth.

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